Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
FlounderPro 1300 Aluminum 24" LED Light

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Boat Mounted Flounder Lights
Easily build your own rig using PVC and our FlounderPro 2600 lights
I have built a really functional floundering light bar that I wanted to share with you.  

I love how they always stay just right in the water, no matter how much chop or how
much weight is on the front of the boat.  With them I can get into water as shallow as
6" and not drag, and as you can see they are completely out of the way of gigging.  
They are rugged too!
Phillip - Rosehill, NC
Phillip's Mounted Flounder Lights!
Details & Pictures
Details & Pictures
Flounder Gigging Lights
FlounderPro 2600 Aluminum 48" LED Light
All Aluminum - No Glass or Plastic Parts - Directional Light - Light Weight
(126) White SMD5050 LEDs - 30 watts,
2.5 amps, 2,600 Lumens, 25' PowerCord
Fish Are Attracted to Fishing Lights Etc Underwater Lights
Our NEW AlumiGlo FlounderPro LED lights will make all other boat mounted flounder
No more Broken Glass Globes, Loose Stoppers or Lost Tubes!  

Our new FlounderPro Lights are made out of anodized aluminum and use high
intensity LED's.  Our LEDs are soldered on to circuit boards.,..we do not use flexible
LED strips like many of our competitors.  The LED boards are slid into channels cut
into the aluminum and then we cover the LEDs with a super hard, clear resin which not
only water proofs the LEDs, but also protects them.  These are the brightest and most
durable lights on the market...guaranteed!

Instead of using 4 small lights... you can now use ONE 48" light  that will give
you more light for Half the Cost!    
FlounderPro 2000 Handheld LED Light
60" (5ft) Long Handle     12VDC
3-Sides of Light   Downward, Forward and Backward.  

(360) White SMD3528 LEDs - 23-watts, 1.9 amps, 2,000 Lumens,
"removeable" Aluminum LED Powerhead
25' Power-cord with battery Clips
8500K LEDs
FlounderPro 2000
(360) High Power White
8500K, SMD3528 LEDs

Down, Forward, Back
12VDC, 23-watts,
1.9 amps
2000 Lumen's
25' Power Cord
Aluminum LED Head
No Glass or Plastic
24"  Light Head
No backward reflection
Light Weight
3-sides of LEDs
FlounderPro 2000
Aluminum LED Light
FlounderPro 2000
3-sides of LEDs
Great for
Crappie, Flounder, Shrimp,
Speckled Trout, Walleye,
Smelt, Tuna, White Bass,  
Lobster, Red Fish, Lady
Fish, Snook, Squid & more!
48"   4ft  Long     12VDC
Cary Langley's Floating Rig using a FlounderPro 2600
24" (2ft) Long     12VDC
1.25 amps, 1,300 Lumens, 25' PowerCord
24"  2ft Long     12VDC
Patent  Pending
Tom Dancause's Flounder Rig
Retail $178
NOW  $161
3-sides of LEDs
Patent Pending
Retail $178
NOW  $161
Guaranteed LOW PRICES!
SuperBrite LEDs
SuperBrite LEDs
Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
SuperBrite LEDs
AlumiGlo   LED LIGHTS are the Strongest and Brightest LED lights
being sold!  
Aluminum construction and High Power LEDs make our new
AlumiGlo SuperBrite Series...Super Bright and Extremely Tough.
Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
Lee Jernigan's Rig
SuperBrite LEDs
SuperBrite LEDs
Gerald Frasl's Flounder Rig
Flounder Light Rigs
Flounder Rig - Pivot Brackets
1.25" Schedule 40 PVC Arms
1/4" x 3" Bolts w/Lock Nuts
1 1/2" flat washers
5" x 1" x 5" "L" Brackets
David Boelte's  Flounder Rig
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